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About coachingOne of the main mistakes many women make today is that we think that we have to do it all on our own! Well, here is some news for you... You do not have to do it all alone! In fact, if you do not have the right support around you, you are significantly reducing the chances of expanding into new ways of being, living, of working and of relating.


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About coaching

If so, you're not alone!

Life coaching is one of the leading tools that are available to people who want support and guidance in being their best. With Copia coaching, you enter into a partnership in which we support YOU, the client, in accessing your inner resources, qualities and capabilities to achieve the life you desire. We conduct weekly sessions to provide the framework, accountability and focus that enable you to gain insight into what you really want. In return, you set better goals for yourself, discover bigger possibilities, overcome barriers and achieve greater success and satisfaction in any area of life. You set the focus and the coach implements the strategies to reach these goals as effectively as possible.

CoPia coaching - what is life coaching about?

The basic principle of life coaching is that you can accomplish more by having someone else who you can use as a sounding board, someone who really cares that you succeed. Someone who can see the things that you cannot see and that can hold you accountable for the goals you have decided to focus on. The process of coaching challenges and supports you to take action that leads to your increased self empowerment and the shaping of a more inspiring life – a life you truly LOVE!


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Coaching FAQs

What is Coaching?
Coaching is two persons coming together to co-create; one has expertise in change; the other has expertise in their life. It is an interactive, thought-provoking and creative process which makes it possible for the client to accelerate their development and achieve sustainable results. Coaching inspires clients to maximize their personal and professional potential.


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