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Awakening on the Path Workshop

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In this increasingly chaotic and demanding world, more and more people feel a longing for connection and a deep desire to make changes to their lives. For all sorts of reasons, we find ourselves shut down or closed off and in a state of hurt and protection. This can show up as lack of self-confidence, blame, isolation, unhealthy relationships, anger, resignation or addiction. We long for something else and we often don't know where to start looking.


Awakening on the Path is a unique and powerful weekend workshop for people who have a deep desire to know themselves, express their truth, and live with purpose, courage and integrity. These gentle and unique 2 days have been designed to develop your emotional intelligence, facilitating a shift in self-awareness, empathy & motivation. This inner shift of positive perception has a direct effect on your state of well-being, outer confidence and interpersonal relationships. This is an invitation to experience the beauty and transformational power of the Path of Love work. It is an individual process but it is encouraged to participate in couples as well.


The process is about discovering ways to be more authentic and honest with yourself and others. We use a blend of guided meditations, interactive processes, honest, authentic self-exposure, conscious movement to support you in connecting with your true value and essence. These days will ignite your passion to realise your potential, strengths and value; To learn to live with an open heart. From this place of self-love and deep trust, life becomes an invitation and a recognition that anything is possible.


During the weekend you can process long-standing and current issues, in a safe and caring environment, and fall in love with life again. The weekend creates trust, joy and a deep sense of belonging and connection, with others, yourself, and the world around you. Participants get intensive individual attention from facilitators. While the approach is flexible, to meet you where you are, the process is structured to provide a strong and safe container. This process is as intensive as it is delightful and one you will always remember and be able to integrate into your life. We invite you to join us!


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Awakening on the Path testimonials


Awakening of Love has been an emotional experience. 2 1/2days to go inward, listen, release, embrace and cry; within a safe grounded space, with the guidance of loving and wise facilitators. If you are ready to face your past, remember your history and sadness and bravely shape your stories, you will find a lighter heart at the end of the weekend. With a deeper understanding of yourself.'
- Maggie Blue O'Hara (Hong Kong January 2014)


'Two days and an evening of Awakening of Love offered me an opportunity to push myself out of my own comfort zone. I have attended many individual development programs before but nothing is like the Awakening of Love! I walk away with some great insights that I did not expect to have and I am pretty certain that this will enrich my life journey.'
- KIM Hyung Kyu (Hong Kong January 2014)


"This is my second experience of Awakening of Love and it has been everything and more of what I had hoped it would be. The first Awakening of Love truly changed my life, and this second one has deepened my understanding of myself and others yet again. Since last meeting I have kept in contact with my new friends and it has helped me to stay connected and 'alive' in this world/city full of unfeeling souls. It's an eye-opener, a heart-opener and a world-opener. Thank you."
– Alix Farquhar Hong Kong October 2015


"I LOVE this work and whole-heartedly encourage everyone to do this process. Awakening of Love and Path of Love have brought so much to my life. The love and the support I felt during the process is fantastic and so beautiful. To be able to share the deepest parts of myself and be fully heard is wonderful. This is a journey I am committed to and I feel that this is the one thing I will stay committed to for the rest of my life."
- Alex, Hong Kong, January 2014


"The work at Awakening Of Love changed my life. The mental paradigm shift started over the weekend, but did not stop afterwards. Every day, every week, I'm seeing how my mental and spiritual journey is evolving to help me find my true self because AOL opened the door; cracked open the wall surrounding my shut-down and discouraged heart. It helped me to realize several mental blocks, habits and fear that have been ingrained in me and prevented me from living a full, truthful and fulfilling life. The process brought these issues to light. I've become more aware of how I feel. I used to shovel problems and feelings away, and I used to not want to deal with issues head on. I used to tell myself this is how I "should" be or "should" do even thought it may not be what truly makes me happy. Years of such habit has driven my life to one that is unsatisfying, unfulfilled and uninspiring as I have been ignoring my heart. The process helps me to FEEL again.... to embrace the wide spectrum of emotional feelings. As I acknowledge the pain and sadness, my heart can also start to feel joy and hope and love. I am more in tuned with my heart and feelings now, which make me feel more "real" and authentic. I am more "present" in my daily life, which significantly improves my happiness and also my relationships. I also feel that I experience so much more out of the same thing that I used to do, because I'm more present and because my heart is not as shut-down. This is just the beginning of the journey of spiritual and personal development and it has already changed my life a lot. I thank AOL for opening the door of this journey and I sure will return. Pia and Samved were amazing at holding a very safe space for us to do the work. AOL should be on everyone's bucket list, and you would only regret not doing it sooner."
- A. Lam


"Awakening of Love has really opened me up and made me realise it is ok to feel vulnerable and it is ok to express how you feel. It takes great courage to come here and see yourself for who you really are, and I highly recommend this process to anyone who is afraid to be vulnerable or afraid to open up. The support during the process has been phenomenal! I take away so much from this weekend so thank you so much."
– 'Awakened', March 2013 (Hong Kong)


Thank you for yet another beautiful, heart-opening Awakening. As I continue walking on this path, I can feel all of life's potential unfolding in front of my eyes - and most of all, inside my own heart. In deepest gratitude for this greatest gift of all and for Pia and Samved and all this love and light you help bringing back into my life and being.
– Wera Hack Diplomat (HK April 2015)


"In these days, I was welcomed exactly where I was, in a supportive and caring manner. Apparently I found courage with unconditional trust for myself and others; to open again to humanity. This helped me integrate and connect even more to the transformational beauty of strength and vulnerability. I found a piece of my soul and my heart. Its a valuable tool for me, as well as insight. I've connected a lot of dots in my own personal journey of growth.. I am grateful I went."
– Michele (Hong Kong October 2015)


"During this process of self-discovery, I have come to the conclusion that there is no other therapy, retreat, workshop, etc.. that allows you to go as deep as this course does. The program is structured so that each individual can learn about themselves in ways they never thought possible. The instructors are experienced, compassionate and thorough; they have created an atmosphere that is safe for everyone to fully experience their deepest understandings about themselves. Thank you to Pia and Samved for your support and encouragement throughout this unbelievably life-changing process."
- anonymous


"During Awakening of Love, I got to let go of some of my barriers. And I feel more centrered with myself. Now I feel I can be more true to myself. I hope this will help me connect with other people more and be more real. Its so tiering trying to anticipate how other people want me to be. This gives me hope I can let go more and accept myself more. And to feel more comfortable with myself." – Katherine Gatherer (Hong Kong October 2015)

"The Awakening of Love has given me such a gift of a sense of clarity and enlightenment. It was a tough path, full of unspoken truths and opening emotions that had been bottled up, or I was not even aware that they were there to begin with.. The circle of women.. it was a very trusting and nourishing environment. And the sharing and acceptance has been extremely powerful. I feel that I have made some new friends!"
– Karen Hay (Designer)


"I got many good insights on certain beliefs I have been affecting my relationships. I now feel more empowered and balanced and trust that I can handle my relationships in the future better. The meditations and processes in Awakening of Love were all really powerful to me and it was touching and inspiring to me to witness the amazing transformations of other participants".
– Cherie Chuck (Administrator)


"Thank you for a beautiful, at times painful experience. I felt safe, held and respected. I appreciated the fact that the group was not larger, which helped me get a sense of connectedness. Pia and Samved, I admired how you worked together; your professionalism, kindness, compassion and courage. Will meet you again".
– Awakening of Love HK April 2015


"I found an extremely caring and safe place in which I was able to be seen, heard and helped, completely without judgement. This meant that I was able to deal with core issues, not superficially. I feel an immediate change within. I also know that I have the experience from this retreat , that I can continue this change to my own betterment. Thank you".
– Gillian Shakespeare (Tax Accountant)


'I never imagined that I would feel this awesome after three days of Awakening of Love. So much love, sadness, laughter, joy, happiness; all sorts of emotions happening at the same time. The support I got from Pia and the participants was incredible! I have learned that the world is a beautiful place. I just have to look for the beauty and be with is/feel it. Oh my… I feel so grateful for the people around me. The people who have supported me through this process. Thank you for giving me this amazing experience.'
– Irene Ebbu (Cabin Crew) August 2015


"The awakening of love brought me back to the place of how it feels to love and be in love with myself and life again. It is that tenderness in the heart when you just simple know, the place of not so much fuss, not so much effort, not so much drama. Your whole being is simply in tune with the love of nature, life and existence and people. It shows you how what has happened to your heart and how you have come to shut down on yourself and others in different areas of your life. it takes you to the darkest places where you have shut yourself from the music of live. Through that intense journey into the darkness of hate, grief, pain, fear and judgements comes an immense release of something truly beautiful. it is like finally letting light into a dark room and suddenly the room looks totally different, the room is not how you think it looks and you can see so much of outside from the room. you come out remembering how it is to be alive, with that precious, vulnerable, beating and tender heart".
- Prem Sada Nov 2015



All About You Centre Wing Cheong Commercial Building, 10A 19-25, 19-25 Jervois St, Sheung Wan (non-residential)


Dates:Saturday 23rd March to Sunday 24th March 2019

Times: 9am - 6pm (Approx.)


***Early-Bird Price: HK$2,900 (paid in full before March 1st 2019) ***

Full price: HK$3,900

Graduate Review price: HK$2,700


Your Facilitator:


Pia Muggerud

Pia Prana Muggerud

Pia Prana Muggerud is a Life Coach, Counsellor, Group leader and Facilitator. She has been working in the field of transformation with herself and others since 1999. Pia has been involved with the Path of Love work since 2006, and she is also a Learning Love teacher as well as a Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release practitioner.


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