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Meet Pia MuggerudPia Muggerud is a gifted, insightful and energetic life coach, facilitator and trainer. Pia received her coach training through Coach University in 2002, one of the leading providers of personal and corporate coach training in the world, and has been coaching ever since! She then served as a senior mentor in the training programs of Anthony Robbins, success coach, author, and advisor to world leaders. Traveling around the world, Pia supported individual attendees of his internationally conducted motivational programs, attended by thousands. As a Coach, Pia has had the privilege of coaching more than 1000 people, from more than 15 different countries. In her training work that has brought her all across Asia, she has made a difference in more that 1200 people’s lives.


Pia has always had a love for psychology and a curiosity for deeply understanding people, yet she originally started out as an interior designer. It was not until she was 30 years old and experiencing her own depression that had her at the lowest point in her life. It was then that Pia decided it was time to take charge of her life and she became committed to learning and applying personal development philosophies and skills to turn her life around. She has never looked back!


In her work, Pia draws on a rich background of training and experience in spiritual studies, awareness training, and meditation. Her work includes individual and group coaching sessions, workshops, motivational speaking and training for successful business. Her style is open, warm, exhilarating, and fun and in all her work, Pia encourages free, joyful self-expression married with the recognition of your unique gifts.

Pia has a passion for seeing women being fully expressed, so they can unlock and joyfully fulfill their destiny and shine their brightest light. She works with women, specializing in creating the space for women to be fully empowered so they can be and have the life of their dreams. Through her own personal journey of self discovery, she now supports women to enjoy their true feminine nature without losing any of their personal power – that is what it means to be Irresistibly Feminine!


Pia loves life, learning and laughing; something you will get when you meet her! She is an avid reader, practices yoga and Osho’s active meditations and loves all things water (especially indulging in long, luxurious baths!). Pia is a devoted traveler and has traveled solo all over the world. Amongst other things, she has crossed a mountain pass in Nepal at 5,500 meters, has dived wrecks in Bali and has even walked on fire several times!! Pia currently lives in Hong Kong and other than her native Norway has lived in the US, the UK and the Middle East.

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